Splitting Stereo Audio in Audacity

In the last tutorial, I showed you how to record a Skype call using Audio Hijack Pro.  There are several programs out there for recording call, but AHP is the one I use.

After you have recorded your conversation, you will want to split your recording into the two separate tracks available to you, one side of the conversation on the left channel, and the other on the right. If you are talking to multiple people, you are still restricted to two tracks, you and them (this is just how Skype works).  This function is one of the only things I use Audacity for, as it is a fairly straight forward process.  I do all of my podcast editing in Logic, and it has the ability to do the same thing, but Audacity is very easy to do this in, and many podcasters use it.  I’ll do a tutorial on how to do this in Logic a little later.

We are going to start out with the Skype conversation as it was recorded, with me on one channel (bottom / right), and the lovely Skype Test Call on the other (top / left):

Skype Stereo

From the drop down menu to the left of the track (the down arrow), select Split Stereo Track:

Split Stereo Track menu

We now have two seperate tracks, but one is on the left channel, and one is on the right channel.  Go back to the drop down menu for each track, and select Mono:

Make Mono

From that same drop down menu, you can then rename each track to something more descriptive.

rename split track

If you are using a different DAW to edit your audio, export the tracks (File > Export Multiple) to whatever folder you want.  This will create two new tracks, while keeping the old one.  You can export to mp3, wav, or any supported Audacity format.

Export Multiple


That should do it. Enjoy your editing. :)


  1. Thanks a lot for this. It’s been a while since I’ve been podcasting so I got rusty, and I was having a helluva time trying to fix what I thought was a silly, simple little problem with recording Skype this way. Much appreciated.

  2. Roberto Torres L. (@TorresLuzardo) says:

    Thanks! I was looking for that option to do editing on some Skype interviews I have to type up. Sometimes the quality of the audio isn’t very good, often with a very low volume. Now I can emplify the interviewees’ voices without the interviewer sounding TOOOO loud.

    Thanks again!

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